Unforgettable moments in life

One of my unforgettable moments in life is to be able to know a woman until now I can’t forget. Wishing that someday we can be together. I have a huge admiration for her. She is the love of my life and thought of her for a long time now. She is the best woman I ever meet, and I promise myself that after graduation, I will look for her again. My family belongs to a wealthy class; they are busy to keep our company stable and growing. When I was a kid, I am fond of love stories and believe it is real. Well, my parents are very supportive of each other, at this time they are still loving, and show sweetness to each other. According to London escort agency.


We tease them with my siblings and giggles. But my parents would always smile back at us, and join us for another learning. According to my father, to find the love of your life is hard, we will pass through lots of people before you meet them. Life is not comfortable and to find the perfect match with you will help you become successful in the future, just like my mother did to him. My father always told me about his efforts to my mom, to get a girl is difficult and you will know that a right woman won’t be an easy one. She will test you many times, and push you but as a man you will never give up. Instead, show to her that your love is sincere and real. Never make any actions that can doubt her. Always try your best to make her feel love and care at all times. She needs you more than you ever know. I keep that in mind, but I never see someone that I fell in love.


Well, I am not the type of man that will make fun of women, when I got free time I focus myself on studies since I got one year left to finish school. I want my parents to be proud of me since they deserve it all. I always heard about the place of London. They say that the area is beautiful as well as peaceful and relaxing. I am thinking to visit there during the summer. I told my dad about my plan, and luckily he said yes since I passed all my subjects. I never thought, on that vacation, I will meet Jacqueline, at first glance I was amazed by her beauty. I think of everyone to see her will be allured. My heart beats fast, and feel nervous at the same time. We bumped to each other and asked a little about her, and she is the beautiful Jacqueline

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