The regrets of modeling

When I moved to London, I had this rather romantic idea that I would do well as a model in London. I kept looking at myself in the mirror and thought that I had what it took to be a model. At the time I was working in a restaurant, and I spent part of my income having a portfolio put together. Sure, a few modelling agencies were interested, and I did get some jobs, but I did not make enough money modelling.


It was during this time, I found out about Aldgate escorts of It was okay to work in the restaurant but I was really not making enough money to make a decent living in London. I did not know any of the girls who worked for Aldgate escorts services but I did not let that stop me at all. Applying to the escort agency in Aldgate was no big deal, and before I knew it, I had a job interview.


The guy I spoke to was really nice and it was clear that he knew a little bit about the modelling industry in London. He said that many girls who now worked for Aldgate escorts and dreamed about being models in London, but most of them was not able to make a living. A couple of the girls who worked for Aldgate escorts had done well, but later on they found that they had been used. Their images had been sold all over the world, and they had not received any royalty payments at all.


Not only that, but you do end up spending out a lot of money when  you want to be a model. You are often responsible for paying for your travelling expenses, and even if you are just travelling around London, it is not cheap at all. When I look at my modelling earnings before I joined Aldgate escorts, I made some money, but at the same time, I did have to pay out a lot of money to make some. It does not really make sense to work to just earn a few quid.


Now when I am working for Aldgate escorts, I am doing so much better. I had not expected the girls at the agency to get on so well, but most of us do get on very well. There are a lot of foreign girls working as escorts in London. Many of them have arrived here after being promised the earth by different modelling agencies. When they arrive in London, they end up living in a small flat with lots of other girls. Most of the time things do not work out for them, and they end up going back home. If you do want make it big in London, and to stay in London, you really do need to consider the alternatives.  Modelling may work for a few of the girls who arrive in London with high hopes, but most of the time, life will be rather a struggle.


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