Five Effective Positions for Deep Penetration

Deep penetration is great and not great, depending on the point of the cycle at which the cervix and the vagina feel sensitive. Deep penetration stimulates the G-spot, and that could be amazing. Deep penetration also means your bodies would be tightly together – that could mean more emotional connection. For those reasons, you should learn a number of sex positions that guarantee deep penetration, and you can try them with Charlotte escorts for some good practice:

1. Cowgirl’s Helper

This position entails the guy lying on the ground facing up and the cowgirl sitting slightly below the crotch area with her legs spread to give the penis an uninterrupted passage to the vagina. The cowgirl can regulate the penetration by moving up and down and searching for the G-spot. A lot of eye contact is maintained, and that makes sex even livelier.

2. Doggy style

Doggy style is the most famous of all deep penetration sex positions. As you would expect, she is made to go on all fours with her legs slightly spread out and he penetrates her from behind. He may use his hand to stimulate her clitoris as he goes for the deepest part of the vagina. The G-spot can be easily reached this way except that less eye contact is kept.

3. Seashell

Seashell style is very similar to the usual missionary except that she is made to spread her legs wider than usual to the point that he pins them up on her shoulders with his arms. This position gives him 100% clear pathway to the deepest part of the vagina and a more exposed clitoris. Eye contact is guaranteed.

4. Butter Churner

She is made to make a similar position as in doggy style before inserting her head into her knees as if she is about to flip. To prevent her from flipping, a soft object such as a big pillow is placed behind her to support her back. He then penetrates her from the top with full thrust. This position is tiresome but gives him a great penetration angle that would guarantee complete disappearance of the penis in the vagina.

5. The Om

He sits on the floor while cross-legged with an erect penis pointing up. She is made to sit on his lap while wrapping her legs around his backside, pull him close and keep rocking back and forth. Her rocking regulates the thrust and the depth to which the penis can reach. The fact that their faces are close means they can kiss and maintain eye contact to make the whole experience fun and satisfying.

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